Best Lavender Farms to Visit in the South Island

If you have seen some seriously beautiful photos of lavender farms in New Zealand, this is the time to tell you, they are not edited, their colours are really that bright and their fields are really that nice.

During our time in New Zealand, we had the chance to visit at least four lavender farms and they were all unique in their own way. The experience is amazing from the moment you step out of the car and you are welcomed by a distinguishable fresh breeze of the loveliest scent ever; lavender.

The buzz of the bees is also another sign that you have arrived to correct place, in case the scent and the violet bushes are not clear enough.

Lavender grows in New Zealand from the months of late October to the first days of March. During this season, the best time to see the fields in their whole splendour and brightest violet colours is from December to February in the South Island.

Now, depending on which farm you are visiting you will have a completely different experience. Oscar and I chose two lavender farms as our favourite ones (from the South Island). Here is why, and what to do in case you only have the time or budget to visit one (or none).

Wanaka Lavender Farm

This was my favourite from them all. This is because alpacas are my favourite animals, and here, apart from the lavender fields, you will find the chance to see and maybe even pet some animals. On their property, they have alpacas, highland cows, donkeys, ponies, hens, pigs, goats and sheep amongst others. Oh yes, and lots of bees.

The land is about 15 acres and it is well used by different types of lavender, animals, cherry blossoms, cherry trees, vegetables and flowers garden and a small store / café. I loved the café because you can get board games, some are even real life-size board games, to play and spend the afternoon.

The price of the entrance is $10 NZD per adult. You will be given a sticker to wear on your clothes and you are welcome to stay until they close down. The price is totally worth it, I felt this place was more of an amusement park with lots of activities to do. The lavender fields are quite big and spread all over the place, so you will always find a quiet and remote place where to have a photoshoot without everyone looking at you.

There are a very nice violet tractor and a violet door among other nice photo spots for your Instagram.

If you only have the time and/or budget to visit only one lavender farm in the South Island, I recommend you visit this one. There is an entrance fee to pay, but the price is totally worth the fun you will have over there.

-For all those photographers that may wonder, drones are prohibited in both of these lavender farms. That is because of the bees and birds that pollinate the flowers, we thought it was very respectful with nature for us to comply with their rules.-

Alpine Lavender Farm

This one may be the most convenient one. Located just a few kilometres outside of Mount Cook, it is impossible to miss it if you're on your way there. So if you have no time, budget or interest in visiting a lavender farm, this is the one to visit when you're on your way to Aoraki. You won't deviate from your original route and you will absolutely love it. Oh, and wait to hear the best, it is free! It is, well at least it was the two times I visited it in the past two years. There is a small gift shop where you can buy their lavender products and there is also an ice cream shop, so the entrance to the farm is free for those who buy something, whether it is ice cream or something from the gift shop.

Oh, and by the way, this is the absolute freaking best ice cream I have ever tried in my whole life! Nothing I had ever tried before comes close to their mango and lavender ice cream, you really, really, really have to try it, you won't regret it!

The farm is the largest organic lavender farm from the southern hemisphere! Its lavender fields are compiled by different types of lavender and have also got the purple tractor and a few sun chairs to take some very nice pictures for you Ig.

So now you know it, whether you are interested in it or not, a visit to a lavender farm in the South Island of New Zealand is a definite must! On the worst-case scenario, you will end up spending hours there of taking the perfect picture, and on the best-case scenario, you will leave the place on a very strange calm and peaceful mindset that only lavender can explain; so give it a try!