How to travel without going broke.

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

If you have seen people travelling the world for long periods of time and do this constantly, and wondered how on Earth do they afford travelling without a job? Or how do they leave their jobs for such a long period of time without losing it? Well, I can tell you my experience of how I do it. There are many different ways of doing it, we will talk about them, and tell you all about how I do it.

You have decided travelling is for you, and you are ready to leave office life behind, now all you have to do is start planning your next run away and go for it.

First of all, you must know, as I mentioned in my last blog post, travelling is not for everyone; you will have to say goodbye to a lot of things you gave for granted, say goodbye to most of your home comforts. Because that is how I can afford to travel a lot, by doing it low cost.

How to travel low cost.

Stay longer on each destination. This will save you some money on flight fare and you can even get special discounts on your accommodation by booking by the week and even more by the month. There is plenty of time to see the whole world or a big part of it, so try and stay longer on each country, city or town you visit, that way you will also get to know it better and say you actually know the place.

Eat street food. It won’t kill you! Still, try to stay safe by knowing where your water comes from, making sure ingredients are clean and kept at the right temperatures. Local food will always be cheaper, and sometimes very much tastier than western food, and then if you go to local street food, flavours will be even more intense for even less money. Its is a win-win.

Rent your own transportation. Avoid taking taxis or renting private transportation. The best way to get to know the place is to grab your car, scooter, or bicycle and just move around. You can also use the local public transportation, but if it isn’t cheap, or if you’re gonna be moving around a lot, probably the best and cheapest way to do it is by having your own transportation.

Do some research. Before you arrive at your destination, investigate which are the places you want to go to. Check entrance fees online, how to get there, compare sites, etc. that way you won’t have to pay for a guide or expensive guided tours to do that for you. Since you already have your own transportation, you can take yourself there and save that guide money for something else.

Enjoy free activities. Most touristy activities are actually free. Going to the beach, forest, park, etc. has always been free in most places. Same with watching the sunset or sunrise, touring around the city centre, going for a swim, talking to locals and making friends.

Choose accommodation with a kitchen. Some fun activities do cost and some of them we have to do them three times a day, such as eating, but you can always find the cheap way of doing it. Why not cook for yourself? It is a healthy and cheap alternative. Street food can get too junky, from time to time try cooking for yourself. I don’t mean every single meal, but find a balance in making yourself a healthy juice or smoothie for breakfast. Maybe a light dinner of crepes or toast. Try having one meal a day in your accommodation and you’ll see how much you save.

Now, after mentioning all the ways there are to save money and still try to see the world, there also some ways to keep travelling while making an income. They all are very different and all work differently for everyone, check out which better suits you.

How to make money while travelling.

Find a remote job. This is both the easiest and most difficult option. It is difficult because it might be hard to find a job where you’re not needed in the office every single day of the year. But it is also the easiest because you will only need your computer and a wifi connection to continue making a monthly wage.

Find a seasonal job. This is another practical one. Find a job that requires you to only work for certain months of the year. For example snow ploughing, fruit picking, beekeeping, construction work, waiting staff, cooking staff, hotel animator, etc. That way you can travel during the months you’re not needed.

Offer your services remotely. Do you speak a second language? Are you good at math? Is there a skill you could teach online? That’s a good way to do it, teach online, be an advisor. Whatever skills you have, try applying them to an online course or online consultation.

Offer your services physically. If you’re a good dancer, good at any sport, language, etc. you can always teach wherever you go. This will require that you speak the native language or that your students speak yours. You can also help at a local restaurant, beach club, store, etc. for a short period of time, only while you’re staying there.

Make an income online. This is a hard one, a lot of competence, but a profitable one. Build a business online. It doesn’t necessarily have to be to influence, it can also be an online store for things you buy and sell, it can be a course, it can be a blog, etc.

You will have to get creative to find what you like, what you do best and how to monetise your hobbies and passions, but once you start seeing the world, you will want more and more, and ideas will come to your head.

It is all about persistence and perseverance. If one thing didn’t work, maybe another one will just keep in mind your goal. Remember why you wanted to leave your old life, why you wanted to start travelling and focus on that. If you really want it, solutions will come to your head.

Travelling is not necessarily only for rich people, travelling is for those who dare to try new ways of living life.