Fergburger VS Devil's Burger

Let's start by clearing something; what is a hamburger? It s is a meal, traditionally consisting of a grilled rounded beef patty served between two buns that may or may not be garnished with cheese, lettuce and tomato.

Now that being stated, hamburgers today have evolved into something way better than that. You could find more than a million recipes around the world and I am sure most of them would be delicious!

Queenstown is a small town in the South Island of New Zealand, better known for being a holiday destination. Just like in many towns of the world, you can find more than one option here if you're looking to eat hamburgers, but the two worth mentioning in this post are Fergburger and Devil's Burger.


Fergburger is the burger celebrity in town. Having a Fergburger is one of the top activities to do in Queenstown according to several travel sites and blogs. The waiting time can be up to one hour and fifteen minutes! But that is also part of the experience. The hype about Fergburger is taking a selfie while you're waiting, uploading a picture of your burger to your social media and telling the whole world that you went to Queenstown and you ate a Fergburger.

What about the burgers? Are they good? Let's analyse them.

Flavour 7/10

Originality 9/10

Bread 6/10

Fries 9/10

Dips 6/10

Size 9/10

Price 9/10

Restaurant sitting area 2/10

Waiting time 1/10

Staff 10/10

Overall 6.8/10

The conclusion was as follows; the waiting time is way too much for what you get. It is a good hamburger, but nothing more, and average hamburger. Their bread is a bit too thick, the dips are charged separately and taste like commercial stuff you could buy Bid Food, and there is no sitting area except for a couple of tables inside all cramped between the waiting customers who are standing up and sweating. It is not a very nice place to eat, so would rather have it take away and eat it elsewhere, but after such a long wait, you just want to get over with it already!!

Staff is super friendly tho, prices are fine and fries are alright, they most lightly will be cold by the time you get to eat them. The size is very good (a bit too big for my taste, I would prefer to have two size and price options)

The thing Fergburger has is fame, history, and hype. As a customer you don't want to eat their burgers, you want to be seen on the waiting line, you want to post to your social media accounts that you went to Queenstown and you ate a Fergburger. That is what's included in the price and the waiting time.

Devil's Burger

Devil's Burgers are on a less know street, more like a hidden alley. With more to offer apart from burgers, meals like ribs and wraps, we will stick to talking about just the burgers and fries.

For starters, the place is very welcoming. You have more tables and even couches next to a very cozy fireplace. On all the occasions I have been here, I never had to wait in line, came straight to the counter and ordered, so DELIVERY waiting time is ~10 minutes.

What about the devil's burgers? Are they good enough to compete? Let's see...

Flavour 10/10

Originality 8/10

Bread 10/10

Fries 10/10

Dips 10/10

Size 10/10

Price 9/10

Restaurant sitting area 9/10

Waiting time 10/10

Staff 8/10

Overall 9.4/10

The conclusion was as follows; the waiting time is perfect and you get to wait sitting on your table. The flavour of the burgers is great! They recently changed their vegetarian menu, the first time I tried a beautiful blue cheese and portobello recipe, and last time I had a falafel burger, which is a very mainstream recipe for vegetarians, so I gave them 8 on originality. Their meat options and veeery tasty and original recipes too. Their bread is spongy, fluffy and light, wonderful to bite, the dips are refilled for free as many times you want and you can choose as many flavours as you wish, they're tasty and feel more like homemade.

The staff hasn't been our favourite tho, on both occasions, we felt a little bit discriminated or treated with less enthusiasm. Prices are okay and fries are amazing, they're warm, crispy and not greasy. The size is great, they have two option, small and large with two different prices; small was great for me.

So Devil's Burgers overall are close to perfect, staff could be a little bit more friendly with foreigners and the blue cheese and portobello burger could come back (please!).

I guess it is up to you as a customer to decide what type of experience you want. You can choose a famous place with an average burger or you can eat in a welcoming place with a magnificent burger! Choose wisely.