Five stars to Red Star burgers in Wanaka.

For Oscar's last birthday we were spending the weekend in Wanaka. Since we had been away from Mexico for almost 8 months by then, he craved Mexican food for his birthday, but I knew it wasn't a good idea.

I don't want to sound too picky, but most of the time I am reluctant to eat Mexican food anywhere outside of Mexico. Number one, it never ever tastes the same, and number two, it is always (at least) ten times as expensive. I am sorry, but as a Mexican, there is no way on Earth that I pay more than $1 USD for a taco.

Anyways, after talking Oscar out of it, his second choice was burgers. We had a few options since we had seen some burger places near the lake, but we decided to check the menus online and decide.

Most of the time we are just verifying if there is any vegetarian option for me, but of course, being in New Zealand, there is always a vegetarian option, a vegan one and a gluten-free one. Since they all had vegetarian options, we went for the one that had salsa verde among their garnishing options.

Red Star was the winner. We got there and the staff was super friendly! Which sometimes doesn't happen when they see a young couple of backpackers. These guys were very nice! The lady who took our order even gave us a second salsa verde since she saw how excited we were about it.

I had the Virgin, made from falafel, hummus, tahini and yoghurt. Oscar had the Minted Lamb Pattie with tahini yoghurt and salsa verde. To go with our burgers we also ordered fries, and since we are in the land of the kumara (sweet potato) we had kumara fries with salsa verde.

We were expecting a spicy Mexican-style salsa verde, but what we got was even better. It was a minted relish, a delicious one, that made the perfect topping for our burgers and fries.

After living in New Zealand for six months, we had tried all sort of hamburgers. We went to Queenstown and even tried the two most famous ones; Fergburger and Devil's Burger, but nothing compares to this magical Red Star burgers that were actually very affordable too.

Each hamburger was $14 NZD, and they were huuuge! And I mean huge! I didn't even finish mine and had to save half of it for later.

If you happen to be around Wanaka, I recommend you go to Red Star burgers, they are definitely worth the stop on the way.

Minted Lamb Pattie