Romantic getaway to the perfect island.

Imagine an island with only two kilometres of diameter, the whitest sand, the clearest water, and it is a turtle sanctuary. No one here will bother you, or the turtles, there are only a few hundred inhabitants, plus another few tourists.

The island is so small that motorised vehicles are not in use here, you can either walk or use a bicycle. You can actually walk all around the island in about an hour. Be sure to use mosquito repellent if you plan to do so.

And even better, the island is surrounded by coral reefs that are just a few meters from the shore, you can swim from the beach with your snorkel and see the magnificent display of colours and species that the coral offers. But the star activity of the island is to snorkel with sea turtles, they are almost everywhere! And very much used to human presence, so they don't get scared and swim away.

It is Gili Meno we are talking about. The Gili Islands are three small islands in Lombok, Indonesia. Gili Trawangan is the biggest island, most commonly known for the parties here, it is the perfect destinations for young travellers looking to have a good time. Gili Air is the second biggest, or smallest, island. This one is perfect for families with young kids, it is an intermediate between both of the other islands; here you can still find bars and restaurants, but not wild parties as in Gili T. And finally, Gili Meno is the smallest of them all and better known for being a honeymoon destination. This is a very quiet island, with just a few bars and restaurants that cater until not so late, here you will find the peace of mind of were looking for since you got to Indonesia.

Gili Meno is small, very quiet and very private. With only a couple of resorts, but a few hotels, there is always plenty of accommodation on the island. There are also enough restaurants to keep you well-fed and satisfied during your stay here.

Gili Meno's most famous activity is to see the underwater statues. Nest is a beautiful sculpture of human statues standing in a circle as if forming a nest, that will eventually be the home to many species when it turns into a coral reef. It was designed by Jason deCaires Taylor, who is famous for having underwater museums and statues in other places of the world.

This beautiful piece of art is reachable just from the shore. Head to the Bask Beach Club (not open until 2019), put your snorkel on and swim in a straight line. After a couple of meters, you will see all the colourfull fish swimming around and in between these breathtaking sculptures.

When coming to Gili Meno, keep in mind this will be a week of relax and chilling, nothing else. the main activities here are to swim, sit on the beach, enjoy food and drinks on the beach and enjoy your hotel's swimming pool. Forget about all the busy activities there are to do in Lombok and Bali, such as temples, tens of waterfalls, monkey forests, etc. You have come to Gili Meno to take some time off.

Our best recommendation is to bring a lot of mosquito repellent. For some reason, the island is heavily covered with a cloud of mosquitoes that will follow you, and make your life impossible, every time you go for a walk.

So if you were looking for a romantic destination where to do nothing but chill and spend some you and I time, look no more. Gili Meno is the perfect place to do it.

Did I mention Gili Meno is also famous for its pizzas? Have a pizza at least once here, you will see what I'm talking about.