What's all that hype about New Zealand? Should I visit New Zealand? Is it for me?

I know a place where life is simple. Where the biggest concern is what to have for supper. A place where everyone is friends with everyone, where even foreigners get a "good day" from everyone they cross their path with.

I have been to a country so remote that it is foreign from the violence happening outside of it; so remote that they are certain they are the centre fo the world. This country knows pure happiness, this country finds bliss in ignorance. Here there is no need to worry about war, crime, climate change, or any problems concerning the outside world, here we live in peace.

The taste for good food, good wine and good life is a religion down here. This is the land of peace and friendship. This is the land of discovery and outdoors. This is the land of wind and fire.

New Zealand is an artistic masterpiece crafted by nature as the artist using love and unity as its main elements. It is a country filled with majestic beauty in its landscapes and its people. Over here you are never in danger, you are always in a friendly neighbourhood.

New Zealand has been, to us, the country where to come year after year to seek peace and calming. This is the place that we hope to one day call home. There really is no feeling like coming back home, and that is the feeling I get every time that I am entering New Zealand again.

It will take some time to get here, the trip will be far, long and expensive, but it will be worth it. It will be the land to welcome you in the friendliest way, even from the first conversation you will have here with your customs agent.

And if you are wondering why so many fantasy movies have decided to come and shoot New Zealand as their mystic land, this place truly is like out of a fairytale.

This place has got it all, from the highest and coldest alpine mountains to the hottest natural springs; from the driest desert dunes to the most humid rainforests. Whether you come to experience active volcanoes or moving glaciers, come to see kiwis in the rainforest or penguins on the shore, this is the land of marvel.

You will find a blazed trail of adventure, but also the chance to be that trailblazer since there is still a lot to be discovered over here. You can find online the ten best spots to visit, the five best restaurants and the top activities to do, but you can also let yourself get lost in this land of wonder and discover it for yourself; there are always new adventures to live.

Therefore, if you wish to see the unique land that I am talking about, do not hesitate any further and come to New Zealand, the land for the daring and brave.

There is so much to see, a wide range of activities to do, places to visit, history to learn and wines to taste.

So plan your trip ahead, spend enough time on both islands and always befriend locals, they're also part of the wildlife.

If you want to know some of our favourite spots form the South Island, stay tuned for our next entry.